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Legal Representation For Your Children’s Best Interests

The most emotional part of a separation or divorce is perhaps the matters related to children. According to the law, the priority at all times is the children’s best interests. A family lawyer can help you learn about the different options related to custody and what your options are in your case.

At Kubyn Law in Mentor, my goal is to protect your children’s welfare. I am R. Russell Kubyn, and, with nearly 40 years of experience, I understand how vital it is to have my clients negotiate custody and visitation terms with their exes instead of leaving it to a judge to decide. I also know this scenario is not possible in all cases, and I am ready to defend your rights and those of your children in court when appropriate.

Important Considerations When Determining Child Custody

Judges consider various elements when determining custody and visitation schedules. Even though a parent may be granted physical custody of the children, the court must also determine legal custody, which refers to who makes the child-rearing decisions and is regularly granted to both parents.

However, a judge may decide to grant shared physical custody to parents based on factors such as the willingness of a parent to encourage healthy and strong bonds with the other parent, among other considerations. When determining parental rights and responsibilities, judges in Ohio consider:

  • The children’s best interests and relationships they have with each parent and siblings
  • Whether there was domestic or substance abuse, in which case, visitations may be supervised by a third party or agency
  • Making efforts to ensure that siblings are not separated to prevent any possible damage to the children (separation anxiety, psychological damage)
  • The mental and physical health of each parent

If a custodial parent prevents visits from the noncustodial parent, judges might consider modifying custody to protect the children’s best interests. There are additional reasons why parents may need to modify custody orders, including relocation. We can also talk about other reasons for modifying orders.

As we discuss your matter, I will guide you through your different options according to your circumstances. I am a family attorney committed to your children’s best interests and welfare. If you are working through the details of a divorce, call to get the representation you deserve.

Free Consultation To Know Your Options

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