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In Case Of Divorce, Know Your Rights

A decision to get a divorce or a legal separation is deeply personal, but certain legalities must be met to make it official. If you are considering or have already decided to divorce or to separate from your partner, it is highly advisable to get the legal counsel of an experienced and caring lawyer.

I am attorney R. Russell Kubyn, and I have been my clients’ trusted adviser in Ohio family law for nearly 40 years. My goal at Kubyn Law is to provide client-centered service that addresses the legal concerns of my clients around divorce and legal separation.

An Experienced Attorney To Develop Tailored Legal Solutions To Your Case

My professional practice focuses solely on family law. I have assisted thousands of clients and provided unique solutions to their concerns. I have guided my clients in their negotiations about the terms of their divorces or separations, but I have also been with them in court to fight zealously for their rights.

At Kubyn Law in Mentor, we can start working on options to answer your needs regarding:

  • Guidance through your divorce or legal separation
  • Solutions for division of marital property
  • Valuation and division of complex assets
  • Spousal support determination
  • Arrangements for child custody or visitation schedules
  • Strong advocacy for the rights of mothers and fathers

I understand that you are looking for experienced legal representation to protect your interests in northern Ohio. At Kubyn Law, I am ready to help you through these difficult times. I am in your corner and will do everything possible to help you solve your present issues for a better tomorrow.

Learn About Your Options

Let an experienced family law attorney guide you through these difficult times and advise you in your decision-making. Your first consultation is free. Call at 440-613-6298 to meet in person, by phone or virtually. This online contact form is also available for your convenience.