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An Attorney You Can Trust To Protect Your Loved Ones

Facing family issues may be distressing and challenging, especially when there are legalities involved. Individuals will undoubtedly look for effective ways to protect their loved ones. The first step to take is to look for the advice and assistance of an experienced, caring lawyer to help you navigate complex decision-making, paperwork and the entire process.

I am attorney R. Russell Kubyn, and I know how important it is to have experienced legal counsel to guide you through legal matters involving your family. I have dedicated myself to family law for nearly four decades. At Kubyn Law in Mentor, my goal is to become my clients’ trusted ally to protect their interests and families. I provide personalized service and solutions so that you can focus on what matters the most: your family.

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Solid Legal Advice To Make Difficult Decisions

Behind every consultation, there is a concerned family member asking for help to protect their loved ones. At Kubyn Law, my approach to every legal issue is to craft possible solutions to get results. If you call me, I am the one who works with you from start to end. I offer a wide array of family law services in northern Ohio, including all matters related to divorce, legal separation, child custody and support. I am also a zealous protector of parents’ rights after divorce.

As we discuss your concerns and expectations, my priority is to provide solid legal counsel to support your decision-making through these difficult and emotional times. I will focus on providing potential solutions to protect your children, your interests and your assets.

Start Building A Better Future Today

The decisions you make now will shape your future and those of your loved ones. Call me to review your options at 440-613-6298. We can meet virtually or in my Mentor office. You can also leave your contact information in this online form. Your first consultation is free.